Sports and computer games are traditionally viewed as polar opposites. So there’s something charming about bringing the two things together – particularly when there is a nostalgic slant.

RETROLYMPIAD is coming to ACMI’s Lightwell this Saturday night. It’s a retro-video-game party with DJs, arcade-themed cocktails by Pixel Alley and live commentary on your gameplay.

A celebration of the Rio Olympics for non-sporty types, the event will feature your favourite sports-themed games from the ’80s and ’90s.

These include California Games, which features sports such as skateboarding, surfing, roller skating and BMX biking, and Hypersports, a classic arcade Olympic-based game, plus its sequel, ’88 Games.

“We’ve also got a whole lot of what I’d call kooky retro titles,” ACMI producer Arieh Offman explains. One of the most unusual has to be Caveman Ughlympics, which basically takes all the ideas from different Olympic sporting events then transports them back into prehistoric times. “Pole vault becomes pole vaulting over a dinosaur” he says, laughing. “It’s pretty fun.”

Midnight Juggernaughts is doing an ’80s DJ set. Comedians Andy Matthews and Al Tremblay Birchall will provide live commentary on your virtual sporting fails on the big screen throughout the evening.

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The festivities start at 8pm and will run for four hours and, true to theme, will include an opening and closing ceremony.

RETROLYMPIAD is at ACMI this Saturday July 23 from 8pm to midnight. Tickets available here.

Olympic-themed pixel artworks by Melbourne’s Ivan Dixon of Rubber House, whose works will be on display at RETROLYMPIAD.

Olympic Gymnast

Olympic Swimmer

Olympic Runner

Olympic Boxer

Olympic Archer