Daylight saving ticked over last weekend, and the pink and orange gradients of Australian sunsets have finally started peeking. In light of these exciting temporal developments, Broadsheet is pretty chuffed to debut this dreamy edit of Love Deluxe’s Silk Mirage, from Melbourne’s George Hysteric.

Known for his massive collection of rare ’80s Italo-disco records, Hysteric has doubled down on Euro glamour for his breezy edit. He’s thrown some satin bed sheets over the original track’s dry snares and swapped out a guitar solo for breathy international vocals. Synths float along like sun block on the surface of a Mediterranean tide.

Love Deluxe is from Sydney. Other than that he doesn’t let out a lot about himself. He’s mysterious in a secret tropical island way, as opposed to Burial’s I’ve-got-my-hood-down-low-on-the-night-bus vibe.

Catch his set at Copresents ’17 if you dig it.

Drop the top on your ‘89 Ford Capri. Summer’s almost here, baby.

The Silk Mirage EP is out now on Soothsayer. You can buy or stream the EP here.

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