If crumbs in the bed give you the willies then welcome to a new frontier of horror: sandy sheets. Because at the new Mov’in Bed pop-up cinema you’ll be climbing onto a mattress plonked directly on the beach. Still, a little grit between the cotton is worth it when there’s a delicate ocean breeze to dissipate the smell of your neighbour’s popcorn.

Mov’in Bed, which launched in Sydney in 2016, lets audiences curl up on queen beds for huge outdoor film screenings. Next year it’ll hit Melbourne for the first time, setting up 150 beds decked out with pillows and blankets on St Kilda beach.

Fittingly, the season kicks off with a screening of the giant shark horror classic Jaws. Other films screening include the divisive Joker, Quentin Tarantino flicks Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Pulp Fiction, Jennifer Lopez-vehicle Hustlers, a rebooted Charlie’s Angels and holiday rom-com Last Christmas.

The queen-sized beds can be configured for two people (for $73.80) or three people ($93.90), and there’s a single bed option for those who like to hog the sheets ($36.90). The ticket price includes pillows, blankets and an illuminated side table. If you’d prefer to bring your own bedding and chill on the lawn, grass tickets are available for $10 to $12 per person.

You’ll be able to buy beer, wine, sweets and popcorn from the bar. You can also have more substantial meals delivered to your bed, including burgers, fries and pizzas.

Mov’in Bed Melbourne runs from January 4 to 26 at St Kilda Beach. Tickets here