With concerns regarding the looming threat of climate change becoming more prevalent every day, this topic has never been more pertinent.

Dreams in Copenhagen
Max Kestner examines the relationship between Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, and the people who live there. Focusing both on how the city’s architecture affects the residents as well as how these residents affect the nature of the city itself, the film’s simple premise will enable an intimate and affectionate view of one of Europe’s most densely populated cities.

Nostalgia for the Light
Patricio Guzmán travels to Atacam, a Chilean desert, where he uses its expansive emptiness to ponder life’s most significant questions. Beginning with the premise that all an individual can ever see are images from the past, since light necessarily takes time to travel, Guzmán develops a complex maze of ideas that ultimately leads to an examination of the Pinochet regime. Bring your thinking caps.

How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster
Norberto López Amado directs this biographical examination of globally renowned architect Lord Norman Foster and his work. Despite having designed the likes of Wembley Stadium and the Reichstag Building, Foster makes it clear that the architect is ultimately subservient to the client. No doubt Michelangelo would have said the same thing.