Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi Broadsheet! My name is Harvey and I’m a music maker living on Stanley Street in Collingwood with my dog Trudy.

What do you love about Melbourne?
Exquisite-tasting water, no war, and the strong music scene.

Do you have a favourite restaurant in Melbourne?
As your readers would already know, so many restaurants have come and gone in Melbourne over the past 15 years, but Cumulus Inc has held strong. I often think about the faces of all the different waitstaff over the years, and I just assume they all still work there and that I’ll see them the next time I’m in. When visiting, definitely sit at the bar that overlooks the kitchen and let them do the ordering.

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Where do you go for brunch or breakfast?
I’m rather over sitting down for a fancy breakfast/brunch situation – the whole process feels rather tired to be honest. I much prefer loading up on a bunch of bread, pies and pastries from a really good bakery like Bread Club in Albert Park or North Melbourne and taking them home. I have a nice big table where I spread out the Weekend Australian Magazine, put on a pot of tea, and let breakfast roll into lunch.

When you want to impress someone, where do you take them?
Somewhere I feel comfortable. Angel Music Bar or Her Music Room. I often bounce back and forth between the two. I highly recommend both those places from 11.30pm onwards

What’s one of the city’s most underrated places?
Definitely Taco Bill on Russell Street. These places offer a much-needed change of pace from the cut and thrust of Melbourne’s relentless food and wine culture. Family restaurant dining is an endangered experience that needs to be protected.

Where do you go to escape the city?
Mount Buller. The Victorian High Country is a sacred place. Take Friday off work and enjoy the drive.

Is there somewhere that makes Melbourne a better place?
Angel Music Bar. It has the most diverse crowd out of any other bar in Melbourne – a true cross-section of who we are.

And is there an essential Melbourne book?
Yes! The Melway. People love looking at maps. Buy one and place it on your coffee table instead of that lame Slim Aarons book you’ve had for years.


My Melbourne” is a regular column discovering the places and spaces that captivate and entice Melbourne’s well-known residents.