MIFF is nearly over – but there is still 24 hours left to take in the romance of the silver screen (and impress your date with your knowledge of film trivia and camera techniques). Such a rendezvous isn’t complete without dinner or a drink, so we’ve found a few intimate spots where you can either analyse cinema or whisper sweet nothings. Or both.

A favourite haunt of the Melbourne arts crowd, this restaurant and bar is tucked underneath The Wheeler Centre on Little Lonsdale. It’s also conveniently close to Hoyts at Melbourne Central. Exploring the possibilities of love after existential Parisian flick In The Shadow of Women? Steer your date straight to a cosy candlelit nook.

Madame Brussels
According to Vanity Fair – we’re in the gory midst of the age of Tinder and the “dating apocalypse” is here. Still, some of us believe that romance is not dead, and like to keep things old school.

Keep your courtship classic at Madame Brussels over genteel conversation among the garden-party decor. Sip Pimms from dainty glasses served by lads and ladies in tennis whites as you consider the 76-year romance between Jo Byeong-man and Kang Kye-yeol, who feature in the in Korean documentary My Love, Don’t Cross That River. He is 98, she 89, and they still fall asleep hand-in-hand.

The Meatball & Wine Bar If that level of commitment puts you more in the mood for a “just mates” date, keep it casual like the Chilean lunch club in Tea Time and head to The Meatball & Wine Bar on Flinders Lane.

The menu is full of wintery dishes and there’s always a cheery crowd. And hey, if you have to squish together to make room for the crowds, that’s just fine.

Punch Lane
If walls could talk. This Melbourne institution has hosted more dates than you’ve had hot (or cold) dinners. There’s nothing wrong with taking the obvious option, sometimes the classics are good because they do it right.

If you're going to run with the classics, check out the afternoon session of Mr Dynamite on the way there. Woo your significant other (or significant other to-be) with the smooth tunes of James Brown, while finding out more about the complex and extraordinary man behind the hits.

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