Bowling is widely regarded as a sport low on innovation. The formula of fast-food, clunky two-tone shoes, gaudy lightshows and noughties music videos has remained unchanged since, well, the noughties.

No longer. Pins Royale, inside the re-launched Kingpin at Crown Casino, could not be further from the places you spent your youth.

For a minimum spend of $10,000 for three hours, you and 119 friends can bowl like the one per cent.

Firstly, you won’t have to navigate through the casino masses – you’ll be met at a private street entrance by a butler, before being escorted upstairs.

Inside, the event space’s ceiling features 30,000 hand-dipped timber dowels (wooden pegs), timber parquetry floors and two mahogany lanes. The bowling balls are gold.

For refreshments, you can choose from 32 spirits but if you find the selection too overwhelming just play it safe and opt for the $1250 bottle of Gran Patron Platinum, which can accompany your $125 per person canapés of lobster ravioli and oysters.

There’s also a pool table, karaoke and an in-house DJ to break things up.

The space is intended for celebrities, high rollers or C-suite executives – but don’t let that dissuade you: gather 119 mates and split your costs 120 ways. Then just sit there and admire your gold ball (you don’t like tequila and lobster anyway).