Noel Fielding did it. Three hundred fans in Brighton in the UK did it. Now Melbourne fans get their chance to put on billowy red dresses, a flower in their hair and dance en masse to one of the most iconic songs of the late ’70s, Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights.

More than 10,000 people have clicked “attending” on the first Melbourne iteration of the event, scheduled for July 16 in Kings Domain.

Event organiser Douglas Leitch says he thought to bring the Kate Bush tribute to Melbourne after seeing similar gatherings happening in Brighton and Berlin.

“I thought if no one else is going to organise it, I will,” Leitch tells Broadsheet.

The idea originated in 2013 in Brighton, when a theatre group called Shambush gathered close to 300 Kate Bushes in a field.

Inspired by this, Berlin native currently in Melbourne, Georgie Sworder organised an event of her own in a German airfield, and called it The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever. Now, similar Kate Bush gatherings are scheduled on the same date around the world, including in Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Montreal, Oslo and of course, Melbourne.

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The Melbourne gathering was originally set for Fitzroy Gardens, but due to the popularity of the event it has been moved to Shipley Pavilion in Kings Domain.

According to the Facebook event, there'll be a brief warm up starting at 1.10pm, then a 40-minute session to learn the first half of the dance. A 40-minute break accompanied by a Kate Bush playlist will follow, then a 30-minute session to learn the second half of the routine. At 3.15pm, it's showtime.

For those who have never partaken in a remake of the video clip, it features a green-eyeshadow-smeared Bush suddenly teleporting in a field (this was the height of technology in 1978) and performing a twirling, leg-kicking dance that’s part mime, part interpretative frolic.

Kate Bushes are asked to wear a red dress, red stockings and a black belt, and to bring “Kate Bush adoration and boundless joy”. You can start practising, although it will be hard to top this:

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever will take place in Melbourne on July 16 at 1pm at Kings Domain. Participants must register to participate. Follow the event’s Facebook page for more information and further updates.

This article was updated on July 15, 2016.