The Melbourne Record Club has been running BYO Vinyl Nights across various Melbourne venues since 2014. It’s a simple concept: bring your own record to the bar and spin it yourself.

“The idea came about after a trip to the States where I went to a BYO vinyl night,” says Francine Toscano. “You’d bring along your records and the DJ would play them. I loved the idea but wanted to take it a step further and be more inclusive.

“With our events you bring the records and you play them.”

The atmosphere is relaxed and all types of music are welcome. “We have a variety of genres. People are bringing down soul, rock, punk, funk, hip-hop, pop and ’80s bangers,” says Toscano. Music themes change depending on the venue. At the BYO night at Hard Rubbish in Preston, “people are playing contemporary tracks” she explains. At The B. East in Brunswick East “it’s party tunes: funk, soul and hip-hop”.

“Melburnians love their music and with more and more people buying vinyl this is a great way for music lovers to share their passion,” Toscano says. They also encourage local musicians to come to events and “share what they’re into as well”.

So next time you receive little more than a patronising eye-roll when you request a song on a night out, consider next time grabbing your favourite 12-inch and heading to BYO Vinyl Night.

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B.East in Brunswick East hosts BYO Vinyl nights on the third Thursday of every month. BYO Vinyl Night also happens at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill on the first Thursday of every month.