Three-year-olds rocking out on Dad or Mum’s shoulders are becoming an increasingly common sight at music festivals. Over at Glastonbury, babies in earmuffs can be spotted at nearly every one of the 60-ish stages, and they’ve been popping up with increasing frequency at beloved local festivals such as Meredith. But while music festivals might not discourage attendees from bringing kids, most don’t actually cater for them. That’s where The Lost Lands comes in.

Founded by Simon Daly (Falls Festival founder) and David Strong (Peninsula Picnic creative director, former St Kilda Festival director), The Lost Lands will debut over the final weekend of October.

“What makes this festival so unique is that it’s not a festival for kids and it’s not a festival for adults,” says Strong. “It’s both. It’s like a summer holiday that you go on with your whole family, except it’s well-within striking distance of Melbourne.”

In its first year, The Lost Lands will be held on the tried-and-tested grounds of Werribee Mansion. For those who don’t want to drive in and out each day, three types of accommodation will be available: camping, glamping and hotel packages within the Mansion.

The lineup is a strong mix of local and international: Mariachi El Bronx, Ozomatli, Missy Higgins, The Waifs, Architecture in Helsinki, The Grates, Ali Barter and The Burnt Sausages are just some of the acts on the bill. Between sets, there’ll be laughter yoga, dance classes, circus shows and comedy that will take place across the festival’s different “lands” (divided into music, theatre, workshop, wonder, wilderness and festival fare). Festival-goers can pop across to Werribee Zoo between gigs, where kids receive free entry over the weekend.

There are plans to develop the food and wine aspect over the coming years, however this first year is focused on striking the perfect family balance. “It’s about the atmosphere,” says Strong. “And if Europe is anything to go by – where these kinds of whole-family festivals are consistently winning awards for Best Festival – it will continue to grow and grow.”

The Lost Lands will be held at Werribee Mansion over Melbourne Cup weekend, on October 29–30, 2016. Tickets and accommodation packages are available.