Tiny Little Houses: not the latest in sustainable living trends, but an Aussie band that takes cues from ’90s American indie rock – think Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse and Neutral Milk Hotel – and filters them through a Melbourne fuzz.

The band’s members are from all corners of Australia (they’re now based in Melbourne). Frontman Caleb Karvountzis, guitarist Sean Mullins, bassist Al Yamin and drummer Clancy Bond have been making music together for a couple of years. They’re poised to release a second EP – made with producer Steven Schram (Paul Kelly, Eagle & the Worm) – and tour the country in spring. But before then they’re road testing their new material with a residency at Melbourne’s Gasometer Hotel every Wednesday throughout July.

Broadsheet: Any favourite Melbourne haunts you can tell us about?
Caleb Karvountzis: We used to love Sheebeen (RIP); Northcote Social Club and the Gasometer Hotel for live music; Caffe e Torta for coffee; Shanghai Dumplings for food; Yah Yahs for party; Supper Club to wind down, people watch and realise you don't have any money.

BS: How did you all come to be making music together?
CK: I started writing by myself under TLH until I met Sean who was working on his own band. We started to share demos and trade ideas and eventually it made sense to start writing together. When we had a bunch of songs and got around to recording them, I recruited my friend Al and Sean wrangled Clancy a week before we went into studio. It's all been coming together nicely ever since then.

BS: Who are your songwriting heroes?
CK: For me it's Elliott Smith and Jeff Mangum. I haven't confirmed with the other boys but knowing them, I'll take an educated guess and say Sean's would be Thom Yorke, Clancy would probably say Aaron Weiss and Al’s would be Jesse Lacey.

BS: Fantasy support slot – any artist, any era, anywhere?
CK: For me, Neutral Milk Hotel 1996 in NYC at the Bowery.

BS: What can we expect from a live show?
CK: You can expect that our shows are a lot heavier then our recordings. This residency is going to be a chance for us to tailor each night to the sound of the other bands and try out some new sounds and songs. Some of the nights are going to be a lot more restrained and others will be much heavier but the support acts will be setting the tone each week!

Tiny Little Houses’ new EP will be released in September, followed by a national tour in November.

The Gasometer Hotel residency dates:
Wednesday 13 July
Tiny Little Houses
Gabriella Cohen
Wedding Ring Bells (formerly Bored Nothing)

Wednesday 20 July
Tiny Little Houses
Alex Lahey
NOIRE (Sydney)

Wednesday 27 July
Tiny Little Houses
Ella Thompson
The Outdoor Type

Tickets available here.