Julian Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for 1180 days. It’s a convoluted story that you're likely to be familiar with by now. The embassy has given Assange political asylum against rape allegations in Sweden. If he leaves the building, the British Government will deport him to Sweden, from where many suggest he will be extradited to the US, legally or otherwise. And everyone is suspicious of everyone else’s political motives.

The Australian-born journalist has been the focus of international attention since 2010, when his WikiLeaks project leaked more than 250,00 top-secret cables from the US State Department (many of which exposed human rights violations and covert operations in the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars). And now, WikiLeaks is releasing a book on the subject: The WikiLeaks Files.

Streaming live from the embassy, Assange will talk with Australian broadcaster and writer Phillip Adams (an intellectual with his own extensive ASIO file) about surveillance, superpowers and secrets – and what the whole WikiLeaks affair reveals about the way power works today.

The free event takes place at The Wheeler Centre from 6.15–7.45pm on Wednesday September 30.

Bookings are recommended, and open at 9am Monday September 14. You can register for the live stream from today.