For 40-odd years PBS 106.7 FM has been providing a platform for a wide variety of local music.

Drive Live is another way the station puts local talent in front of you – literally. From February 6 to 10, between 5pm and 7pm, PBS will showcase local Melbourne musicians live in its Collingwood studio (and on the radio). And the station wants you to be there.

"It will be great radio, but you listen to PBS on the radio all the time,” says Stone Love presenter Richie 1250. “This is a rare opportunity to come in and interact with the studio and meet the people who run it."

Punk outfit The Peep Tempel; country and blues band Cash Savage and the Last Drinks; laid-back rock’n’roller Gabriella Cohen and punchy garage rockers The Pink Tiles are just some of acts on the bill. Richie will also have his own three-piece a cappella group in studio with him.

"I think it's everyone's dream to have an a cappella group follow them around for a day," Richie says.

If you want to see the live in-studio performances, email the studio with a subject line that includes the night you want to go, your name and your PBS membership number, if applicable. Everyone is welcome, but PBS members will be treated to a free Mountain Goat beer.

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PBS will broadcast Drive Live from February 6–10, 5pm–7pm, on 106.7FM.