Here’s a fun fact. When This American Life host Ira Glass isn’t producing one of the world’s most popular radio shows and podcasts, he’s performing a live stage show involving dance.

What’s more, The Wheeler Centre and Arts Centre Melbourne are bringing the show to Melbourne in July for the first time.

Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host, stars Glass and New York-based dancers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass, and combines live radio and contemporary dance.

The show is split into three parts: the first is about being a performer; the second about falling (and staying) in love; and the third is about how nothing lasts forever.

“The show’s a mix of two things that really have no business being on stage together at all,” Glass writes on the This American Life blog. “Dance is all visuals, no talking. Radio’s all talking, no visuals.”

“But what the stories on This American Life have in common with dance is music. That’s a start. And Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass are such funny, human-scale, relatable performers; their sensibility somehow matches a lot of what we do on the radio show.

I know this whole thing sounds a little nuts, but I swear it’s pretty great.”

Three Acts, Two Dancers, Ones Radio Host runs at State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne on July 14 and 15.

Pre-sale tickets are open for Wheeler Weekly subscribers. General release tickets are available from 9am Friday March 11 at or