Part haunted house, part art installation and part mystery play, A Midnight Visit is one of the most popular theatre experiences in Melbourne right now.

Following its first two sold-out weeks, A Midnight Visit has extended its season and will now run for an extra four weeks until October 13.

The show is staged in an abandoned North Melbourne warehouse in which a warren of corridors and rooms are set up as performance spaces. Audience members are free to work their way through the warehouse and interact with the cast as they wish. As they move through the space, numerous scenes and mysteries unfold.

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One storyline includes a tuberculosis outbreak, and the various narrative threads are tied together by the work of 19th-century American writer Edgar Allan Poe, author of stories and poems such as The Raven, The Masque of the Red Death and The Tell-Tale Heart.

A Midnight Visit is at 222 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne until October 13. Tickets here.