Since starting the street photography blog Humans of New York in 2010, Brandon Stanton has done much more than just meet the residents of the Big Apple. He's visited countries as diverse as India, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Uganda, Ukraine and Mexico to take photos of people and share their stories.

Stanton may concentrate on the ordinary and everyday, but his skill for drawing out remarkable anecdotes from strangers is second to none. In just seven years it's amassed him 18 million passionate Facebook fans and inspired countless copycat accounts around the world.

Stanton also happens to be a charismatic stage presence, as anyone who's watched him speak will know. Sydneysiders will get a taste on February 10, when Stanton appears at the Opera House to discuss starting Humans of New York and share the highs and lows.

For a while, it looked like Melbourne would be left hanging, until Stanton announced a show yesterday, via Facebook. He'll appear for one night only at Melbourne Convention Centre on February 12. Tickets start at $32.15.

Brandon Stanton will speak at Melbourne Convention Centre at 7pm on February 12. Tickets are available here.

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