Elizabeth Day is a household name, at least in the podcast world.

The British journalist launched her hugely successful podcast How To Fail With Elizabeth Day in 2018. From the very first episode – featuring Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller Bridge – she won us over with her warm and delightful interviewing style.

Since then, Day has amassed more than 220 intimate conversations with the likes of Dan Levy, Gillian Anderson and Paloma Faith over the course of 20 seasons of How To Fail.

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We were lucky enough to sit down with Day on our own podcast Around Town to talk about how her perspective on friendships has changed, her upcoming novel and her weekend of eating in Paris with Stanley Tucci. Plus, the restaurants she visited while she was in Australia and the movie she’s currently obsessed with.

On sharing personal stories of IVF failure

Sometimes when I’m going through something difficult or traumatic, my automatic instinct is immediately to share in some way. I’ve learned that that’s not an instinct that I should follow, that actually there is far more power and help for others that can come from reflecting privately. Now I always leave myself a space where I can do that, where I can work out how I feel about it first, and then I’m ready to share. That for me feels like a far more considered position and why only recently I decided to start talking about the fact that I have had 12 years of trying and failing to have children and I’m now at peace with the fact that won’t happen for me. But I’m only at peace with sharing that because it’s taken me a year of work to get to that point.

On finding a language to talk about friendship love

Friendship is so profoundly important to me and I felt that I was undermining its very essence by trying to be all things to all people. That was the starting point, what do I think of friendship? Why isn’t there a book that I can reach for that teaches me about it?

I think it’s partly because as a society, we have elevated romantic love above all other forms of love. For centuries, all of our greatest music and works of literature are dedicated to that endeavour of explaining what romantic love is. And actually, in the interim, we’ve taken friendship for granted. We haven’t developed a vocabulary that is sufficiently unique and well thought through to express its multifaceted importance to so many of us. Friendaholic was a personal journey to understand my own feelings, my friendship, and how I got into the situation, but it was also a broader attempt to provide that missing language.

On her friendship with Stanley Tucci

The other person who is also very important to me is Stanley Tucci and his gorgeous wife Felicity. They are kind of our couple friends. It’s quite a rare thing where your partner likes the other two people as much as you do, so we've hung out a bit. I never take it for granted. I'm an extremely privileged person to be able to do that kind of stuff and to get restaurant recommendations from Stanley Tucci.

We recently went to Paris together and ate some exquisite food. Let's just put it like that. But oh my goodness, the eating and drinking pace. After about three days of it, I was like, I think I've got gout and I now need to just drink green juice for two months.