Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is arguably the theatre event of the year – whether you’re a Potter-head or not.

It broke records when tickets first went on sale – selling more than 200,000 pre-sale tickets alone – and now the season has been extended for an extra eight weeks.

The two-part play is the eighth chapter of the Harry Potter story, set 19 years after the last book. The stage play follows the adventures of the next generation of witches and wizards, namely Harry’s son Albus, after the book’s main characters have entered adulthood.

A new round of tickets will be released at 11am on Thursday July 18 for performances extending into May 2020. To purchase, head to the official website between 10am and 11am to be assigned a spot in the online ticket queue.

If you’re not successful on Thursday, head to Friday Forty for your chance to secure last-minute tickets each week.