Look, no one needs a styled portrait of their pet. But having your dog immortalised in a romantically misty headshot while it stares wistfully into the middle distance is appealing – if you’re that kind of owner, anyway.

Daniel Aulsebrook and Heather Lighton are behind Dog Photog, a mobile photo studio the couple started in 2014 that takes professional pictures of dogs with a necessary sense of humour.

Dog Photog is popping up with a winter-themed photo session at Enough Space Gallery in Prahran this weekend. It’ll have a snowy backdrop and optional scarves, beanies and jumpers. For the dogs.

Photo sessions are 15 minutes each and cost $45 for one dog or $65 for two.

If you think dog photography is easy (it’s not), here are some tips from Lighton and Aulsebrook if you want to attempt it at home.

You need is a love of dogs
“And we’re talking all dogs. You need to find them all adorable, even the ones that wee and poop on set. And the ones that vomit on your camera. Yes, we have had a dog vomit on the camera before.”

Have a sense of style and composition
“One of the reasons we wanted to start Dog Photog was because we felt there was a lack of pet photography out there with a strong sense of design and style.”

Dress appropriately
“Wear clothes you don't mind getting hairy, slobbery or torn. At our pop-ups we tend to wear denim aprons!”

Work out what makes your subject interested
“All dogs react differently to having their photo taken. Some react to sounds, some to food and some only to their owners!”

Stay fit
"Dogs can require a lot of wrangling and shooting them normally involves a lot of crouching and even lying down. A good stretch session before a shoot will help.”

Dog Photog pops up at Enough Space Gallery, 2A/127 Greville Street, Prahran on Saturday July 30 to Sunday July 31. From 10am to 5pm both days. Book your session here.


Photography: Dog Photog