It's probably best not to run onto a field during a sports game. But if you are going to do it, leave your pants on, as the Victorian Police can sling you a fine of up to $626 for streaking – a lot of cash for those two cheeky minutes of fame.

Last weekend's Community Cup in Collingwood saw four young fellas bringing skin to the game – and consequently receiving fines of a yet undisclosed amount.

In a show of support, the Gasometer Hotel is hosting an event on July 12 to help cover the costs.

"It's not legally a fundraiser. We're just organising a gig to show our support," says booker Emily Ulman. "Officially you can't have a fundraiser to pay for fines. But the streakers will be performing and we will be paying them for their services."

Five bands have already confirmed their appearance with a big reveal following soon. Applications are still open. Get in touch by emailing

More details coming soon.