After successfully launching its winter edition last year, Freedom Time is returning to the ‘drome in June for another festival of sound and vision. The event is best known for its carefully constructed line-ups of left-field dance music paired with extravagant light shows.

This winter, Freedom Time is ditching the main-stage format for three tents curated by highly regarded hosts.

Stage one is by Wax’o Dystopio, the twisted winter guise of Wax’o Paradiso. International sounds here will include the digital-electro distortions of Dopplereffekt, and Veronica Vasicka, the founder of Minimal Wave Records, the New York label specialising in reissues of obscure electronic music from the ’70s and ’80s. Melbourne artists Pjenné, Millú and Ricci round out the line-up.

Melbourne’s Butter Sessions take on the second tent, led by label founders Sleep D, a pair instrumental in the evolution of Melbourne’s house and techno scene. They’ll be joined by Brooklyn’s Joe Claussell and his rhythmic house productions, as well as Japanese sound designer and producer Kuniyuki and Australian artists Turner Street Sound, Cale Sexton and Lauren Hansom.

Stage three is presented by Amsterdam-based label Music From Memory. Its founders, Tako and Jamie Tiller, began the label based on a love of sharing lost musical oddities. It continues to be at the forefront of music discovery.

The duo will host artists who have received a fresh burst of interest in their work thanks to reissues on Music From Memory, including ’80s Japanese art-pop duo Dip in the Pool, and obscure Swiss-based synth wizard Michal Turtle. These eclectic artists will be joined by Izabel, Sui Zhen and Noise In My Head.

There’ll also be some top-rate food trucks, including Brunswick’s La Paloma offering rolls and jerk chicken.

For an idea of what to expect, here’s Broadsheet’s 2017 gallery.

Winter Freedom Time takes place at the Coburg Velodrome on June 30. Tickets are on sale now.

Full line-up below.

Joe Claussell
Veronica Vasicka
Dopplereffekt (live)
Dip in the Pool (live)
Michal Turtle (live)
Kuniyuki (live)
Jamie Tiller
Wax’o Dystopio
Sleep D (live)
Sui Zhen (live)
Noise In My Head
Cale Sexton
Lauren Hansom
Turner Street Sound

This article was updated on April 16, 2018. The original story incorrectly stated the John Fish collective were responsible for the stage design at Pitch Music and Arts Festival 2018.