If we’re being truly honest with ourselves, there are only so many hours in a day a human can withstand the bite of the summertime Australian sun – no matter how wide our hat brims are, nor how liberally we apply our sunscreen.

For those seeking respite from the UV rays, there is fun (and cultural edification) to be had in the cooling shade of a museum, cinema or gallery. Here are four summer-escape options, courtesy of ACMI.

Witness a world-class video installation

During its time at London’s Tate Modern, Christian Marclay’s The Clock had people lining up just to catch a glimpse. Now his engrossing work is at ACMI for a limited time. The museum is hosting 24-hour screenings (so you can have both your beach and museum time), and there’s a coffee cart parked on-site until midnight for late-night viewers.

Take in a foreign film

If you’re inclined to spend summer with the air con at full throttle in your living room, there’s only so much solo laptop viewing you can do before it’s necessary to reintroduce yourself to the world beyond your front door. Dial a friend and make plans to watch Alfonso Cuarón’s lauded and poignant film Roma in the civilised surrounds of a cinema – a much more gratifying experience than watching it at home. (You can also take the icy beverage of your choice into the cinema.)

Enrol in a masterclass

Chris Middlebrook, one of the nation’s best-known skateboarding directors and cinematographers, is hosting a skate video-making masterclass. During the course, he’ll provide expert advice on incorporating a variety of shooting styles and angles into your films. The equipment and tools for capturing the best shots will also be revealed. This one’s suitable for both beginners and more advanced filmmakers.

Visit a groundbreaking Australian exhibition

When it appeared on Australian TV screens in 2016, Cleverman presented a sci-fi story with a difference. The dystopian series draws on Aboriginal origin stories and features a predominately Indigenous cast and senior crew. This summer, you can visit an exclusive Cleverman exhibition co-curated by the show’s concept creator Ryan Griffen and production designer Jacob Nash.

Broadsheet is a proud media partner of ACMI.