If you go to the cinema regularly (and if not, why not?), why aren’t you a member of Palace Cinemas’ Movie Club? We’d like you to be.

It’s already a good deal: you could buy a movie ticket or, for the same price, you could become a member and get a ticket, plus a year of discounted tickets, a $10 bar voucher and access to special events. And exclusively for Broadsheet readers, a free wine upgrade on your first visit.

Palace CEO Benjamin Zeccola is a big advocate of Palace’s renowned wine pours, which are sized according to film lengths. Above the standard pour is the feature-length pour for a full film, the epic pour for Godfather-length slow-burners, or the double-feature pour, effectively two glasses. “Our customers love it,” Zeccola says. “Dreading getting up to go back for a second glass? Lucky you, you’ve ordered the double feature.”

In another, particularly novel twist, you get the Palace guarantee. If you don’t like a film in the first half hour, the next film is free. It’s perfect for those times when you stand in the lobby and misread Hereditary as a cosy family comedy, or Ocean’s 8 as a nature documentary.

All up, it pays for itself immediately, it’s a significant discount every time you go, and it’s just that little bit extra for Broadsheet readers. Easy decision.

This offer is available exclusively to Broadsheet readers when they sign up via this link

Broadsheet is a proud media partner of Palace Cinemas.