What does Dick Diver guitarist Rupert Edwards have to say about the band’s third album, Melbourne, Florida?

“You know that Simpsons episode where Krusty is trying to get a part in the Radioactive Man movie? He shows the director a photo where he is pulling different types of faces (happy, sad, angry). The director isn’t impressed. ‘But look at my range!’ Krusty implores. Melbourne, Florida is like that. Look at our range!”

The mood doesn’t actually stray too far from the Dick Diver you already know – lovable slacker-rock from the school of Mac de Marco, Pavement and local label mates, Twerps. Anchored in suburban references and moments of near-monologue, the album flows easy with laid-back, surf-tinged guitar lines and slow-building brass.

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The band wastes no time winning you over, launching straight into Waste the Alphabet, a sunny, crowd-pleasing pop tune – the first one on your playlist on your way to a music festival with all your friends crammed in the car.

The album was recorded by Mikey Young, songwriter and guitarist behind Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring in a big old shed in Apollo Bay, following the band’s tradition of recording in unusual spaces (previously a farmhouse in the Dandenongs and a Philip Island holiday house).

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Melbourne, Florida is out this Friday March 6 on vinyl, CD and digital. You can pre-order it from the Chapter Music website, iTunes or Bandcamp.