After closing on May 17 for renovations, the owners of St Kilda's Hotel Esplanade were hoping to be back in business by summer.

But objections from nearby residents regarding external renovations mean the process could be delayed further.

Espy co-owner Vince Sofo told Broadsheet, “It’s just a process everyone needs to go through, when you put a planning application through. It will sort itself out, we’ll just continue to work through it.”

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According to a statement from The Espy in May 2015, extensive renovations were to begin on the Gershwin band room, and new food and beverage spaces to house a “diverse dining experience”.

Port Phillip Council has received 26 objections from local residents concerned about possible noise from a 145-square-metre rooftop terrace that is included in the Espy's plans.

According to Port Phillip's Mayor, Amanda Stevens, the proposal is likely to be considered by Council's Statutory Planning Committee in December. If approved, it will be a Notice of Decision, rather than a permit, which means objectors may appeal the decision at VCAT. If the application is refused, The Espy will also have to opportunity to appeal.

The Espy already has a permit to undertake internal renovations, and can technically reopen at any time.

The pub's current owners, Sofo and Paul Adamo, bought the venue in 2001. The pair also owns Ichi Ichi Ku in South Yarra and Ichi Ni in St Kilda (next door to The Espy).

In October of this year, Sofo and Adamo, opened 127 Brunswick Street, a five-storey venue featuring two restaurants and a rooftop bar in Fitzroy.