Melbourne’s Dick Diver spent more than 50 hours driving during its recent US tour, so it’s fair to imagine it’s a pro at the playlist game. The psychedelic strains of The Grateful Dead as you cruise over the Golden Gate Bridge? Driving down to Tennessee with the country leanings of Lucinda Williams? The band’s all over it. Guitarist Rupert Edwards shares Dick Diver’s selection, along with a novel way to pass the time that you may (or may not) want to road test yourself.

Nico The Fairest Of the Seasons
The Grateful Dead Grayfolded
Kate Bush The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Lucinda Williams Ventura

Rupert Edwards: This is the kind of music we listened to while driving around America for a few weeks. Music is crap sometimes, though. So we came up with a game. You know that kind of facial hair that is sometimes referred to as a “goatee”? Well, we found out there’s a way more insane name for it: a “prison pussy”. This name makes them funny. We would take bets about whether truck drivers had a prison pussy or not. Then we’d pass the truck and look up. The wrong bet meant putting this flavoured tobacco in your mouth for a few minutes. It was, like, BBQ and KKK flavoured. Just smelling the stuff would make you retch! Everyone but Steph lost repeatedly. We are idiots.

Dick Diver’s latest single Waste The Alphabet is out now, from the forthcoming Chapter Music release, Melbourne, Florida.