Dark Mofo isn’t one thing and it doesn’t take place in one spot. It’s a web of events in flux, and your version of it will depend on your willingness and ability to participate. This one’s on you.

1. Don’t burn out before the after party

You’ve probably heard about Faux Mo. Well, this year there’s no Faux Mo, but there is Blacklist. It’s an after party of sorts and one must get in to this at all costs. This is the condensed, beating heart of Dark Mofo – the head office, the doctor’s couch, the lost and found, the ball pit of adult afterlife. Many people are keenly aware of this, and that is why there are often long lines to get in. One night there might be a half-naked specimen gently gyrating through a web of neon string; the next night that room is closed, but the broom closet by the main stage is hosting a DJ and four people. Another night there may be a slide into a laundry disco; the next an underground dance party among inflatables. Maybe. It’s hard to know and it’s hard to tell. Keep your eyes peeled and your pants loose.

2. Save yourself for the feast

Next to Faux Mo, the Winter Feast has rather quickly become a major attraction. The hall at Salamanca Place, stuffed with incredible food and drink, was arguably the biggest drawcard of last year’s event. If you time it right, you can treat the feast as your primary food source and gorge yourself to the point of not needing to eat anything until the same time the next day. We’ve heard. This year, the Winter Feast has been extended from three nights to five, time enough to cycle through every stall at least twice.

3. Fly solo

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With its mental hall of mirrors, Dark Mofo can be hectic. While it’s wonderful to experience such bounty in the gentle clutch of friends, set aside self-exploration time to discover a few things yourself. Mofo abounds with provocative and sometimes challenging scenarios, and much can be discovered by drifting around on your own.

4. Get out of Dark Mofo

Not everything has to be Mofo related – there’s plenty of markets, shops, restaurants, distilleries and sightseeing experiences to be had away from the program. Part of Mofo’s energy comes from Hobart’s pleasure in it; the interaction between the fanciful and the everyday. Curiously, over several days at the festival, that distinction becomes less clear. Embrace the juxtaposition.

5. Treat yo’self

Mofo is about indulgence, be it physical, mental, psychological, financial, visual, oral and aural. Take it all in.