Lugging yourself down to the gym to stare mindlessly at a TV while running on a treadmill is a colossal chore. No wonder you never renew that membership.

You want to get fit while having fun, right? May we suggest dance classes? To get you started, here’s a cross-section of some of Melbourne’s best, from ballet to Beyonce.

Bey Party

If there’s one thing dance fitness needs, it’s more Beyonce. Fortunately, Bey Dance has come to the rescue of both single and partnered ladies (and men) across Melbourne. They offer casual classes, structured courses and workshops, as well as classes in Bey Yoga and Beylates – all with a focus on fun. Which generally means an hour of busting your best moves to an all-Bey soundtrack.

Bey Dance

No Lights No Lycra

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Started in Fitzroy in 2009 by “unruly dance students” Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett, No Lights No Lycra is a dance class with no moves to learn or reason to be embarrassed. The idea is physical abandonment without the self-consciousness. Held in a room just light enough for you to recognise a face, but dark enough for you to ignore the details of anyone dancing, the focus is on the killer pop soundtrack and an instruction-free approach. Strut your stuff or let your inner dag shine – it’s not like anyone else can see you.

No Lights No Lycra runs its workshops and classes from a range of venues. Check the website for details.

Dance Dynamics

For those looking to get toned through a more traditional form of dance, but who aren’t sure of the best way to shake it all out, Dance Dynamics is the place. Offering everything from Tabata Blast to cha-cha, Rumba Toning and Latin Express, Dance Dynamics has more than 20 styles of dance catering to all fitness levels.

Dance Dynamics has locations in Richmond, Ringwood, Box Hill and Malvern, and offers a free trial to get you through the door.

Anna’s Go-Go Academy

Both an excellent cardio workout and a trip through history, Anna Achia has been running weekly go-go dance classes since 2006. She is a professional comedian and performer – she once led a record-breaking 10,000 people in an impromptu mass dance class for White Night Melbourne – and her classes are high on energy and low on pressure.

Achia runs her one-hour weekly classes from the Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall and The Victoria Hotel in Brunswick. Whether you’re looking to learn the charleston, the watusi, or just polish your slick Thriller moves, Achia provides.

Amrita Hepi: Beyoncé ‘Formation’ Dance Class

Amrita Hepi is the creator of the Beyoncé ‘Formation’ Dance Class, which ran at Sydney’s Goodgod before Hepi established it as a semi-regular national concern, including stints at The Toff in Melbourne. A professional dancer and choreographer by trade, Hepi also runs a spin-off class, Hollaback, which pairs dance-derived cardio with hip-hop and “’90s grooves” – think Rihanna, TLC, Beyoncé, Prince and an assortment of R’n’B icons. Hepi bridges the gap between contemporary dance and pop culture, while creating a space that encourages newcomers, pros, and folks of any orientation.

While Hepi is yet to bring Hollaback to Melbourne, her next Beyoncé ‘Formation’ Dance Class will be a special one-off event on the roof of Curtin House, as part of the Broadsheet Feel-Good Guide. The event series also features a morning rave at the NGV, with CC Disco. Go here for details and ticketing information.