On a windy day in Melbourne, designers, artists and other makers assembled in the historical Meat Market building. Illuminated by neon lights, punters munched on ice-cream sandwiches, sipped on Coffee Supreme cold brew with a dash of “naughty milk” (a mix of organic whole and sweetened condensed milk) and were treated to South Indian fare courtesy of the Rochester Hotel.

Delicate jewellery from Rbcca Kstr and colourful pop pieces by Emily Green glistened like little Christmas ornaments, Molly Younger’s structural latex totes hung like works of art and FME Apparel and Limb provided some inspiration for your spring wardrobe. Trophy Wife Nail Art painted tiny works of art (Billie Justice Thomson painted on a bigger canvas) as Juno Disco played in the background.

Oh – and lots of ice-cream was eaten. Like, a lot of it.

The Connoisseur Discovery Festival is coming to Sydney on Saturday 27 October. More information here.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Connoisseur.