Beats and Beans is a no-brainer. On the scene now for five weeks, the CBD pop-up coffee stall provides punters with live electronic music as a backdrop to the perfect espresso.

“People have been loving it,” says Alex Haeusler, founder of Melbourne’s underground music touring company, Funf. He’s in charge of the beats component of Beats and Beans. Today the cafe is excited to host its first international act, DJ MANIK from New York, who will be on the decks from midday today until 2pm.

Haeusler says, “People just won’t be able to work out [what we are]. People will just be staring, completely gob-smacked.” He admits that it’s an unexpected crowd getting amongst it. “A lot of older women come past and are completely blown away. We’ve found a lot of the middle-aged guys are a bit alienated and don’t really feel cool enough to come up and speak to us, but the older women, they just don’t give a shit and they genuinely like this music.”

Alongside Haeusler is the beans counterpart, Dylan Alexander. With experience at The Artful Dodger Trading Co. and School of 7 Bells, Alexander understands the process of making a killer coffee. Beats and Beans uses an Artful Dodger blend called Penny Box, which Alexander describes as having, “a rich chocolatey-hazelnut taste that will last with you for hours.”

Beats and Beans has grand plans for the near future. Haeusler says, “We’re designing a Beats and Beans on wheels at the moment, so we want to pop-up in a few more places over summer and hopefully visit universities.” Beats and Beans also provides the perfect platform for up-and-coming DJs, as well as locally and internationally acclaimed DJs, to gain exposure and promote their gigs – a win-win for everyone.

The Beats and Beans mobile disco, is open from 6am until 2pm weekdays and can be found on the entrance steps to The Liberty Social dance club on Flinders Lane. If you can make it for MANIK’s live set today, bring along your records to get them signed and stay for a boogie and knockout coffee.

Beats and Beans
The Liberty Social
279 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Mon to Fri 6am–2pm

MANIK’s Live Set
Wednesday July 7, noon – 2pm