Speaking with director Kaj Löfgren, it becomes quickly apparent that The School of Life’s autumn program is the most broad and ambitious to date.

Staying true to the ideals of its UK-based founder, Alain De Botton, Löfgren says the overall concept of the new season is a deeper engagement in aspects of everyday living that we may otherwise take for granted, or not fully engage with.

“Often when you think about philosophy and the humanities, you think of a big picture and a high level, but our program encourages people to think more deeply about the everyday nature of living,” Löfgren says.

What this means for us is everything from the increasingly-necessary “How to” classes, ranging from how to spend time alone and make a difference through to making sense of your family and facing death, special events with Sian Prior, Peter Singer and Leslie Cannold and a full day adventure at Melbourne General Cemetery led by a psychotherapist and the historian and cultural manager of the Cemeteries Trust.

Other highlights include with broadcaster Craig Shuftan who will explore the history of the genre, set to a backdrop of disco classics at Shebeen and a sensory adventure through the city, encouraging deep focus on particular senses at a variety of different locations.

As many of the best philosophical conversations happen over dinner, Broadsheet is excited to present A Mindful Feast with Andrew McConnell. McConnell, who needs no introduction to Broadsheet readers, will guide diners through six shared dishes and their stories, with Mindful in May founder Elise Bialylew facilitating mindful meditation during the evening. The feast is a unique exploration of memory and the connection between food and emotion, with all profits donated to Mindful in May.

If you can’t decide which class to attend, The School of Life is giving away a Golden Ticket, with VIP access to every single event throughout the term. To enter, go to schooloflife.com and sign up to the mailing list.

The School of Life Autumn Term will run from April 2–May 30. For the full program and tickets go to schooloflife.com.