The second half of Rooftop Cinema’s summer program is now live and by the looks of it, there’s a slew of very decent cinema beginning on February 1.

Take Steve Carrell’s turn from the 40-Year-Old Virgin to the sociopathic wrestling coach in Foxcatcher. Based on the real-life events of millionaire John Eluthère du Pont—a man whose fascination with wrestling takes an awry turn—this film has been lauded for Carrell’s ability as a serious performer. Carrell will also reappear (in a less austere role) on Valentine’s Day in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

St Vincent features old-school Bill Murray as a gruff, alcoholic older man designed to tickle your outrage. At this point you need to know that the film features Naomi Watts playing a tactless, pregnant, Eastern-European sex worker—so brace yourself for that.

If there’s going to be one film that’s going to make all indie-darlings weak at the knees, it’s God Help The Girl. This marks Stuart Murdoch’s (of Belle and Sebastian) first directorial role, and it simply will be too cute: it’s an indie-pop musical set to a soundtrack that’s charmed beret-toting Belle and Sebastian fans for years.

Though, this time around, the honchos behind Rooftop Cinema have given the reins to a select few curators over the next few weeks. This year it’s women-in-film zine Filmme Fatales, Deja-View Cinema and Levi’s.

Filmme Fatales presents Mean Girls on February 17, a night which will also double as Rooftop Bingo, so be sure you’re sitting on the cool table.

Deja View will guest program in the next week with Blade Runner—the film that your friends are still trying to interpret—on Feburary 21. The team will be presenting a surprise screener on January 22, too.

Levi’s will take over on Thursday nights, programming a string of mostly classics, along with 2014 Australian skateboarding documentary, All This Mayhem. The film charts the rise and fall of two Melbourne brothers who rose to the top of the US Pro circuit, only to be found in a downward spiral of depression, drugs, and death by their career’s end.

So, as you delve into the second incarnation of the Rooftop Cinema program you’ll find hedonism, desire, transformation, and good old Muriel Heslop take you deeper into 2015.

Rooftop Cinema will be screening films from now until April 4.