After closing for a $40 million renovation last year, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is reopening in Fed Square in early 2021.

The screen-culture hub has just announced the details of new, museum-wide technology that will transform the way visitors interact with each exhibition.

“We often consume the same stories via different platforms,” ACMI director and CEO Katrina Sedgwick said in a statement. “We might read the comic book, then watch the film adaptation, and later play the video game. Each platform brings out something new in the story.”

“We have taken this concept of multi-platform storytelling and applied it to our museum … What we can now offer is a deeply integrated journey that extends, expands and enriches your visit, be that in person, or online.”

That means ACMI’s physical and digital content will be more intertwined than ever before. And inside knowledge held by curators and the creative community will now be easily accessible to visitors, allowing them to delve deeper into the worlds of film, TV, video games and contemporary art.

Essentially, the experience won’t stop when you walk out the door. Part of the new technology is The Lens – a free take-home device that will let museum-goers “tap and collect” objects across more than 200 touchpoints. They then go into an online collection that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Want a taster? The Story of the Moving Image is a free online version of what will be a permanent, 1600-square-metre exhibition at the museum – exploring how film has shaped who we are, how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. And it’s complete with films, video games and long reads.

ACMI is slated to reopen in early 2021.