Kitten season is well underway and the Cat Protection Society of Victoria (CPSV) needs people to temporarily adopt the hundreds of newborns that will come to the welfare group in the coming months.

Cats are seasonal breeders, and kitten season runs from about September to April each year. Female cats can give birth to up to three litters over that period, which means 12 to 18 newborn kittens to every parent, many of which cannot be kept by their owners.

This is where CPSV comes in. The 20-year-old organisation aims to rehome 90 per cent of the kittens and cats dropped at its door, and is currently looking for short and long-term foster carers. Part of the drive aims to house cats the organisation believes won’t cope with a move into temporary facilities while CPSV’s new facilities are being built.

You can foster a kitten or cat for as long as you want – one or two weeks, or even longer.

The foster program helps provide homes to cats that are too young or immature for permanent adoption and cats that require special care due to pregnancy or socialising issues. Some just need a second chance.

Foster carers get a starter pack with food, litter, bedding and bowls, and a free follow-up vaccination from CPSV veterinary clinics.

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If you want to adopt permanently, kittens cost $120. Cats aged between one to six years are $80, and adults older than seven cost $70. The price covers desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, parasite treatments, a vet check, two weeks health cover and free follow-up medical attention for recently desexed cats.

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