The morning after Premier Daniel Andrews announced Melbourne’s lockdown will end at midnight on Thursday, with more freedoms than expected, he’s also shared a major change to the state’s hotel quarantine program.

Speaking on Channel 7’s breakfast news program, Sunrise, this morning, Andrews said Victoria is set to scrap hotel quarantine for fully vaccinated international travellers.

When asked if Victoria will open international travel when 80 per cent of the state is double-dose vaccinated, in line with NSW, Andrews said: “In terms of international borders … that’s not a matter for state premiers, that is a matter for the federal government. But we want to get open, and open to the world, as fast as we possibly can.”

“The better point to make about NSW, what NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet announced the other day, is that he’s getting rid of hotel quarantine. We will do a similar thing – it’ll be home-based. Particularly for those that are double-dose vaxxed.”

Though it’s currently unclear when exactly the hotel quarantine requirement will change, Andrews went on to outline some more specifics: “It’ll be less than 14 days if you’re double-dose vaccinated, then you’ll be able to quarantine at home,” he said.

“And hotel quarantine will be a thing of the past, at least for people who’ve got the absolute protection of being double-dosed.”