At 11am on Tuesday July 10 Victoria Police will test a new public-address system in Melbourne’s CBD.

One-hundred-and-thirty speakers have been installed across 65 CBD locations as one way to alert the public and communicate safety information in the event of a major emergency, such as a terrorist attack. When complete the system will include 190 speakers across 95 locations.

From 11am the test will run CBD-wide for five minutes, followed by zone testing beginning in the east then moving to the west and southern parts of the CBD. The message will make clear to the public that the signal is only a test.

“If you hear the test alert or notice an enhanced police presence in the CBD… there is no cause for panic,” North West Metro Region assistant commissioner Stephen Leane said in a statement.

Police officers will be stationed at each of the speaker sites to field questions from the public and provide reassurance.

Passengers on public transport will also receive a warning via on-board and platform announcements as well as updates from the PTV and Tram Tracker apps.

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Victoria Police will also send out alerts through its social media channels. Those alerts will be shared by City of Melbourne, Public Transport Victoria, Metro, Yarra Trams and Emergency Management Victoria.

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