In some very welcome news for Victorians, the coronavirus case number is under 28 – the first time it has been under 30 since June 24.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced today’s number during the press conference this morning, praising Victorians for their “sacrifice and contribution”.

“I want to say thank you and how proud I am … of the job being done in households, communities, suburbs right across Melbourne and regional Victoria,” he said, attributing the low numbers to the current strategy.

He also reiterated that Victorians need to “stay the course” to ensure the numbers continue to fall, warning that reopening the state too soon would see the numbers climb again.

“If we open up when they are too high, they will just get higher and higher. It is not only inconvenient but deeply frustrating. But that is the reality we are facing,” he said.

Andrews also took the opportunity to acknowledge the eight people who died in the last 24 hours of Covid-19, and their families.