At 11.59pm on Wednesday September 16, regional Victoria will move to step three in the government’s road map to reopening.

Alongside this measure, the government has implemented fines of up $4957 to deter metro residents from leaving Melbourne and travelling to regional parts of the state. Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner (Regional Operations) Rick Nugent says those who do not comply with lockdown restrictions can be fined.

“We don’t want the virus to spread again in the rural areas,” Nugent told reporters today.

Police say permanent roadblocks will be established on roads into regional Victoria and checkpoint patrols will be increased, especially during school holidays. There will also be checks at caravan parks and boat ramps, and any car pulling a caravan or boat will be stopped.

“If it’s two people, if it’s mum and dad, they will both get a fine. That’s nearly $10,000,” says Nugent.

More details to come.