The congestion caused by the number of cyclists and pedestrians on Southbank Promenade is being addressed with a $5.1 million project to revitalise a 300-metre section of the walkway. Melbourne City Council plans to revamp the stretch between the Princes Bridge and Evan Walker Bridge in a bid to make it more pedestrian-friendly.

The plans include replacing pavement, improving public lighting, and enhancing the growing conditions for trees along the riverside area.

Cyclists will be diverted from the promenade as part of a separate $11.9 million upgrade to Southbank Boulevard. The new bike route will run from Swan Street Bridge through Linlithgow Avenue and Southbank Boulevard up until the Yarra River. Another dedicated bike lane will run along Kavanagh Street up to Southbank Boulevard.

The new cycle paths will be completed by late 2019 and are expected to decongest cycling traffic along Southbank Promenade.

These plans are part of the city council’s $28.7 million investment to create more and improve existing public open spaces over the next year.