Although temperatures have not been record-breakingly cold today, snowfall in inner-Melbourne has not been this likely for a long time. The conditions necessary for a dusting might come into play.

Senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology Keris Arndt explains that because Melbourne is close to sea level, a strong cold front and rain is required to create snow – which might happen tonight.

“[It hasn’t happened] for a fair while, but it has happened before,” says Arndt. “By fair while I mean since 1986, as far as my records go.”

Earlier today the Age reported there may be some snow on the very top of the 292-metre-tall Eureka Tower.

“It’s not out of the question, but we still need those showers to come through for snow,” says Arndt. “It’s going to be cold enough if it does shower, but [the snow] would be pretty minimal,” he adds.

In outer suburbs 300 metres above sea level or higher, such as the Dandenong area, Yarra Ranges and Macedon Ranges, snow is expected. According to Arndt, lower-lying areas, such as Belgrave, also have a reasonably high chance of snow, but it is unlikely it will settle on the ground.

The possibility of snow brings some extreme weather warnings for across the state, too. The Bureau of Metereology has issued a warning for strong winds of up to 110 kilometres per hour in the Alpine areas, for example.

The Victoria State Emergency Service advises people across the state to keep clear of power lines; to move vehicles under cover and away from trees; and to secure loose items in yards or on balconies.

Sustained winds in Melbourne’s CBD are expected to average 40 kilometres per hour, with some particularly strong gusts reaching up to 90 kilometres per hour. Brace for hail and thunder overnight.

The cold front is forecasted to move northerly, with conditions easing towards Wednesday afternoon.

For assistance with storm-related damage, call SES Victoria on 132 500. For emergencies call 000.