A flock of 15 to 20 seagulls reportedly caused havoc on a Frankston train.

A Facebook post by Chris Harrigan details “the crime story of the decade”, in which a man lured the birds into a full train carriage with a bag of fish and chips, then let the doors close.

Guys this is the true crime story of the decade:Yesterday a friend told me what might well be the best story I’ve ever...

Posted by Chris Harrigan on Sunday, 31 January 2016

While this truly is a great story, there are a few concerning gaps in the tale. How is it that nobody on the train photographed or filmed this incident? Did the seagulls swear them to secrecy?

Metro Trains spokesperson Sammie Black tells Broadsheet, “We’ve had nothing come through to say that this incident actually occurred. We can’t verify it. There’s no photos, there’s no footage, no details of the location or the time it allegedly occurred.”

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