A new plan for the redevelopment of the iconic Queen Victoria Market includes two new sheds and refurbishment of the current food court.

The City of Melbourne announced last week that it’s investing $35 million to build the new Trader and Northern sheds, plus an additional $4.5 million for the food court’s makeover.

Facilities for the new sheds along Queen Street include storage, recycling and logistics for traders and employees, plus a new set of customer toilets. Heritage Victoria approved permits for both late last year.

Upgrades to the existing food hall, which was built in the mid-1990s, involve adding up to 60 seats to an improved dining area, increased flexibility, a dedicated space for cooking demonstrations, more greenery, and a new roof and flooring.

The council estimates around 400 workers will be employed across the two projects, in addition to the 500 already working on other redevelopment efforts.

Construction work for all three projects is expected to begin in early 2022.