A power outage on Melbourne’s City Loop left two trains stuck between stations this morning, with both plunged into temporary darkness.

Due to the now-resolved outage, “[the Sunbury, Craigieburn and Upfield] lines are running direct from North Melbourne to Flinders Street, via Southern Cross, and not through the city loop,” Metro Trains spokesperson Marcus Williams told Broadsheet.

The halted trains – one between Parliament and Flinders Street, the other between Melbourne Central and Parliament – caused delays for a number of services this morning.

“At about 8.30am we had a loss of overhead power affecting one part of the City Loop,” Williams said. “That part of the City Loop carries the Craigburn, Sunbury and Upfield lines. No other lines were impacted.”

“Unfortunately, two trains were stopped between stations. We were able to restore power and move one of those trains to Parliament within approximately one hour. The second train we got moving again on the way to Flinders Street when unfortunately it experienced another power loss. We sent staff to disembark customers on that train where it had stopped on approach to Flinders Street.”

That train was moved back to the depot at about 11.40am. At this stage there is no explanation for what caused the power disruption, but Williams says there will be an investigation.

The Alamein, Belgrave, Glen Waverley and Lilydale lines are also experiencing delays due to a track-equipment fault near Burnley.

Metro Trains advises commuters listen for up-to-date announcements on trains and platforms because there may be service changes around the CBD area at short notice.

“We understand this would have been a very frustrating experience, especially for those people who were on those trains caught between stations, and we apologise for the experience they had this morning.”.

More information on train delays is available at metrotrains.com.au