Commuters travelling between West Coburg and Toorak can expect delays on their way home this evening after a truck collided with a busy Route 58 tram near Royal Park.

The tram, carrying approximately 100 people at 8am when the incident occurred, was derailed and won’t be moved until midnight. The truck was carrying soil and tipped on its side. Clean up crews are continuing to remove debris.

Ambulance Victoria treated 29 people at the scene for minor injuries. A spokesperson says three people have been transported to the hospital. The Herald Sun reported that the driver of the tram was complaining about chest and shoulder injuries after the crash, but his injuries are not considered serious or life-threatening.

Route 58 trams are not running between Stop 33 at Dawson and Daly streets, and Stop 19 at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Routes 70 and 75 have also been affected. It is not known at this stage when normal services will resume.

Public Transport Victoria has advised travellers to consider using bus services, to connect with trains on the Upfield line.

  • Bus Route 503 buses via Albion Street, connecting at Anstey Station
  • Bus Route 504 buses via Brunswick Road, connecting at Jewell Station
  • Bus Route 506 via Dawson Street/Glenlyon Road, connecting at Brunswick Station
  • Bus Route 508 via Victoria Street, connecting at Brunswick Station
  • Bus Route 510 via Moreland Road connecting at Moreland Station Route 59 trams via Flemington Road, connecting at Flemington Bridge Station

Another alternative is to connect with Route 19 trams via Royal Parade.

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Traffic remains heavy as the area between Flemington Road and Royal Parade on Elliot Avenue has been closed in both directions and is not expected to reopen until later this afternoon.

There are conflicting reports about the moments before the collision, which is being investigated by police. The Elliott Avenue intersection is a known black-spot. In January 2015 a tram and a delivery truck with beer kegs collided at the same spot.

Check the PTV website for more information.