Last year, every Melburnian became very, very familiar with everything that falls within a five-kilometre radius of their home. With restrictions easing once again (see the full list of changes here), that radius is being extended to 10 kilometres from Saturday, making meeting up with friends who live farther away possible – if you can find a good (and hopefully scenic) place to meet halfway.

Finding the overlap – that thin, hopeful sliver of space that falls between your respective ten-kilometre zones – can be tricky to figure out, especially given most map apps don’t have an easy-to-use as-the-crow-flies function.

The website KM From Home shows anything within your chosen set radius, including 10 klicks. And if you can find your mate’s place on the map, you can drop a pin and it’ll show you the space intersecting the two. Or, as I like to call it, “the Friendship Venn Diagram.”

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