Over the last couple of months, every Melburnian has become very, very familiar with everything that falls within a five-kilometre radius of their home. Fortunately, meeting up with friends, even ones who live across town, is possible if you can find a good (and hopefully scenic) place to meet halfway.

But, while the radius has been extended to 25 kilometres, finding the overlap between your respective zones can still be tricky to figure out. Especially given most map apps don’t have an easy-to-use as-the-crow-flies function.

The Covid 25km Overlap Finder does exactly what it says on the tin. Just plug your address and your mate’s into the site, and it’ll find you the space intersecting the two. Or, as I like to call it, “the Friendship Venn Diagram.”

Now that we’re taking substantial steps back towards socialising (we’re even checking the weather again now that it’s actually relevant – picnics are the new clubbing) this simple tool will really come in handy.