Another case of measles has been confirmed by Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services. A man in his thirties was infectious on a flight from Fiji to Melbourne that arrived on Sunday, October 27. He contracted the illness in Samoa, where there is currently a large measles outbreak. (Other areas in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly New Zealand, are also experiencing outbreaks.)

The man arrived at terminal 2 at Melbourne Airport and was there from 11.35pm to 1.30am. He is currently recovering at a relative’s home.

This latest case brings the total number of confirmed cases in Victoria in 2019 to 40. Almost all the people who became infected were not fully immunised against the disease, and had either travelled overseas or been in contact with overseas travellers in the state.

The onset of symptoms resulting from exposure in this particular case may occur as late as Friday, November 15. The Department of Health and Human Services advises people who were at the airport during that window to look out for a rash, fever, severe cough and conjunctivitis. If symptomatic, avoid contact with others and make your way to your local GP or hospital.

The department also recommends Victorians stay alert for symptoms and check that their MMR vaccine is up to date.

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