UPDATE: All five new station names have been revealed, click here for our story.

Earlier this year the Victorian government announced it was giving the public a say in naming the $11 billion Metro Tunnel’s five new underground stations. A public vote closed in October after receiving 50,000 submissions.

Suggestions included Winterfell (an apt Game of Thrones reference for the CBD North station), Vegemite and Kath & Kim Station, as well as the more simple, New York-y Uptown.

But pop culture–inspired names ultimately proved less popular than those referencing Melbourne’s history, and cultural and political leaders. And, it turns out, location.

Yesterday Premier Daniel Andrews revealed the name of the new CBD South Station as Town Hall.

"In the middle of our city sits one of the finest buildings on earth. Now it will also sit in the middle of our rail maps – as Town Hall Station," Andrews wrote.

The names of the remaining four stations will be revealed later today.