In June, VicRoads released a survey outlining several different options to tackle safety issues for road users on Sydney Road, the results of which are due to be released next month.

In further developments last week, Moreland City Council backed a plan for a six-month trial that aligns with Option Three of the survey.

The plan includes the creation of bicycle-only lanes in the outside lanes of Sydney Road between Brunswick and Glenlyon Roads, which would require the removal of 100 parking spaces on the strip.

Loading and passenger drop-off zones would also be relocated, nearby disabled parking would be increased, and footpaths would be extended allowing for footpath dining and trading. Improvements to street amenities (such as tree planting and park benches) were included too. The council also affirmed its commitment to supporting the “viability and growth” of shopping and visitation to the area.

The plan has been sent to the Department of Transport – which manages the land – for approval, at which point it will be followed by a round of public consultation. The plan would require approval from the State Government before it can go ahead.

Should the trial be approved, works would take place during the removal of level crossings on the Upfield line, which will affect the bike paths that run adjacent to the train tracks.

You can view the full Moreland Council report here.