Sitting down on a tram seat and putting your hand in a pile of crumbs isn’t uncommon. You might have assumed it was left by one of the hordes of homeward-bound teenagers throwing CC’s at each other.

But no, it’s actually excess flavouring from the giant box of Barbecue Shapes you’ve been commuting in every day. That’s right – Melbourne’s public transport vehicles are actually giant Shapes boxes on wheels (or rails).

As pointed out on Twitter by Daniel Bowen, the resemblance is remarkable. Metro Trains’s blue-and-yellow palette is a spot-on swap for the Nacho Cheese colours, V/Line’s purple and yellow for the Pizza, and Yarra Trams’s green is the same shade as the Barbecue box.

Aside from the orange-and-yellow colour scheme, the smell of Melbourne’s buses during peak hour isn’t far off a packet of stale Chicken Crimpy Shapes either.

Perhaps the snack's “Flavour You Can See” tagline needs an update. Now there’s a flavour you can ride.